Auto Back - This Feature allows you to set at what time in-play you want the bot to start
looking to place a back bet.After reaching the time trigger the bot will wait until there are
only 6 horses remaining under odds of 20.0 in the win Market and then will enter a back bet
on the in-play favorite in the place market giving you a high probability of a winThis allows
you to  fully automate the very successful  BETFAIR A.T.M strategy.

Auto Lay - This Feature allows you to set at what time in-play you want the bot to start
looking for lay bets .The bot will ignore the first 6 in-play favorites and will then look at the
WoM at the remaining horses before placing bets.

Auto Dutch - This Feature allows you to set at what time in-play  or pre-play you want the
bot to Dutch Bet as many horses as you have set.Withb the Auto hedge feature this can be a
very powerful strategy.

Win Market Favorite - his Auto trades the win market favorite,looking to scalp tiks in-play.

Whole Market green up - This is a semi automated strategy that comes with a very
effective system which gives you a selection to let the bot trade

The Bot Display - The Bot Displays the Betfair Win and Place market at the same time,great
for trading the Betfair  ATM. The Bot Colour codes the first 3 horses in the Win and Place
markets,making trading very easy.

Timed Bets - This allows you to place bets many hours before the race starts,the bot will
place them at however many minutes or seconds before race start you wish.

Auto Green up / Hedge - The bot give you the option to Green up/Hedge a[[ of the

Stakes below Betfair Minimums - Bet with a stake as low as 0.01 for testing stratagies etc.
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